8.MiPlatform 설치 FAQ가이드(영문)

8.1Cannot access Windows Installer service


그림 8-1windowsinstallererror

Cannot access Windows Installer service 
This problem could occur if Windows is run in safety mode or Windows Installer
is not installed correctly.


Reregistering Windows installer
1. InStart > Execute menu click (Windows 7or8: start> All programs > Auxiliary program > Command prompt menu, Mouse right button click > 'Execute by administrator authority' 
2. Execute next command. 
- msiexec /unregister 
-msiexec /regserver
3. Connect to the Install page and confirm the symptom.

[Video data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.



(Possible only in Windows XP; move to troubleshooting 4 for Windows Vista, Windows 7 PC)
Install Windows Installer 3.1 (Refer to FAQ error code 1)


(Possible only in Windows XP, Vista)
Install Windows Installer 4.5 (Refer to FAQ error code 1)


After generating [PC User Account] a new and rebooting, log in with a new account and confirm
If the Windows Installer error is not resolved by the above method, the problem lies with the Windows installer service that is basically provided is the OS.  You should be helped by the PC manufacturer or Microsoft Customer Support.
- What is a Windows Installer?
 Windows Installer manages the method of installing and removing other programs in      
 computer. Software publisher can make the process of installing and removing   
 programs consistently by using Windows Installer. (Reference:    
 http://windows.microsoft.com/ko- KR/windows7/What-is-Windows-Installer)

8.2Error 1327 (1324,1325,1606)


Update won’t be executed as Error 1327.Invalid Drive:E\(H:\ etc.) occurs.
E:\ is a drive that does not exist, so error occurs if E:\ is set in registry when installing the program.
"Error 1327 Invalid drive E:\"
"Error 1324: The folder path 'My Pictures' contains an invalid character"
"Error 1324: The folder path 'My Music' contains an invalid character


If Error 1327.Invalid Drive:E\(H:\) error occurs 
Go to the next registry position and confirm whether there is a portion where the drive is set in E\(H:\)  as below, and change it to C:\ and delete
Since there could be a drive other than C:\, confirm 
Position HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User ShellFolders

[Video Data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.




Occurred due to the problem of authority of key value


1. Start – Run – Input regedit and confirm {press OK button?}
2. On registry editor screen, move to the path below
3. In SharedDLLs folder, mouse right button – Use authority – Click High level button 
4. Select Owner tab, select PC Account Name, select Low level container, select Individual ownership 
   change, and reconnect to site

그림 8-2sharedll

※     If not solved by the above method, trouble occurred in PC environment, so contact PC 
       manufacturer or Microsoft for technical support.

[Video Data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.


8.4Error 1904


Error1904 error message pops up while installing file

그림 8-3sharedll


It occurs because Regsvr32.exe file was damaged or due to authority problem during installation


Press Ignore, and if usable error continues after completing installation, confirm Troubleshooting 2.
Reference site: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/237294

[Video data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.


8.5Updater won’t be executed, or ActiveX driving error


When updater won’t be executed, or ActiveX won’t bedriven


그림 8-4protectedmode

IE Tools → Uncheck Using protection mode in Security Tab of Internet Options .

[VideoData] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below


8.6Items to check if Updater won’t be installed inUser PC


If regsvr32.exe is damaged in C:\WINDOWS\system32 of User PC 
the problem that ActiveX won’t be installed occurs.
Double-click the relevant file in order to determine whether regsvr32.exe isnormal or not
Normal if the Option window appears; but if the Option window is not seen or hour glass is seen, or sand glass is seen, or there is no reaction, then file is damaged or there is trouble.


In PC having the same OS, copy regsvr32.exe inC:\WINDOWS\system32. 
Keep in mind that backup is necessary to restore the previous file.

[Video data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.


- What is a regsvr32.exe?
By using Regsvr32 tool (Regsvr32.exe), it is possible to register and unregister automatically register able DLL or ActiveX control (OCX) file.
How to confirm whether Regsvr32.exe is operating normally or not: File screen like the drawing below should be called

그림 8-5regsvr

8.7Fail to create MiInstaller 3.xx , ActiveX Control installationrepeats, Empty page on install page


그림 8-620130303_145822160_failtomi

MiPlatform Install page ActiveX Control installation repeats infinitely


Registryfile is deleted due to PC optimization task (ActiveXControl housekeeping) or IE environment error

8.7.3Troubleshooting 1

Internet Explorer - Tool – Additional Function Control – Use or Not Use additional function control - 
CyMiInstaller320(3xx) & MiPlatformX 3.2U(3.3U) Control Check “Use”

그림 8-720130303_132121010_activexclass

8.7.4Troubleshooting 2

Register MiInstlr320.dll or MiInstlr321.dll file registry in C:\Windows\system32 folder (register all MiInstlr3xx.dll files); for 64bit PC, confirm in syswow64 folder
Start > Run > regsvr32.exe Leave a space and drag the above file and confirm > “Successful”

그림 8-820130303_132343507_installer

Example : regsvr32 C:\Windows\system32MiInstlr320.dll (MiInstlr321.dll,MiInstlr322.dll,MiInstlr331.dll)

[How to register in registry in Windows Vista, 7, 8]
1. All programs > Auxiliary program > Command prompt After
   right-clicking mouse, ‘Run by administrator authority’’
2. Input the command language below
   Input Regsvr32 C:\windows\system32\MiInstlr321.dll command language, and enter

그림 8-920130303_134512974_admin

그림 8-1020130303_134531036_admin2

[Video data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.


8.8If MiPlatform setup(msi) file won’t be installed in Window98


그림 8-1105

OS at or above 2000 includes this file as default, but 98 OS does not include Window Installer program, and sometimes it is not installed normally


Download and install Windows Installer program for Windows 98 provided by Microsoft Corporation. (File name InstMsi9x.exe)

8.9If MiUpdate.cab file won’t be installed in aspecific PC


If it is prohibited to download ActiveX in Internet Explorer security option setting


1. Since ActiveX wouldn’t be driven normally due to the setting problem of InternetExplorer, set the browser setting to [As Original]. (After selecting [Tool] ->[Internet Option] ->[Security] -> [User Designation Level] in Internet Explorer menu, select As Original)

그림 8-1206

2. Select[Basic Level] on the [Tool]->[Internet Option]->[Security] screen of Internet Explorer menu.

그림 8-13defaultlevel

[VideoData] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below


8.10If MiUpdate.cab file won’t be updated or won’t be downloaded during distribution

8.10.1Phenomenon1 1

It is prohibited to write in Windows/System32 directory, so those distributed here won’t generate file or be copied.

8.10.2Troubleshooting Phenomenon 1

Change the setting (uncheck Read Only) so as to make it possible to write in Windows/System32 directory.

8.10.3Phenomenon 2

1. Process is being used. – Program is driven so the process on hold..
2. Access refused – Access to system folder is refused

8.10.4Troubleshooting Phenomenon 2

1. After ending the process being used, reconnect to webpage to download.
After ending program (IE browser), run it again 
2. After confirming access authority, release authority so as to be able to download, and reconnect to web page.

[Video Data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.


8.11If Fail to Create Miplatform Control! Error occurred


When driving MiPlatform, an error like below pops up.

그림 8-1410


1. It occurs because ocx file is not registered normally due to PC account authority problem.
2. The regsvr32.exe file was damaged or does not exist.
   After confirming whether regsvr32.exe file exists in the windows\system32 file, 
   run the regsvr32.exe file; if a message like below is seen, it is operating normally.

그림 8-1520110901_164319868_run_regsvr32

8.11.3Troubleshooting 1

Downloadand install FixUac file fit for MiPlatform engine relevant to the following: 

8.11.4Troubleshooting 2

Move to MiPlatform Engine folder and register OCX file registry in which the error occurred. 
Windwos XP
After selecting Start -> Run 
regsvr32.exe “C:\Documents and Settings\[PC UserName]\Local Settings\
Application Data\TobeSoft\MiPlatform320\MiPlatformX320U.ocx”
Windows Vista, 7
After clicking mouse right button in Start -> All Programs -> Auxiliary Program -> 
Command prompt item, run by administrator authority
regsvr32.exe C:\Users\[PC Account]\AppData\Local\TOBESOFT\MiPlatform320U\

8.11.5Troubleshooting 3

Delete MiPlatform engine and connect to Install page
1. Download and decompress MiPlatform deletion batch file. 
2. After running MiPlatform batch file, delete engine and connect to the relevant installation page
(In WINDOWS VISTA,7,8 OS, run by administrator authority)

[Video Data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.


http://www.miplatform.co.kr/faq/data/Movie/MiPLATFORM/Eng/hidden-folder.wmv Hidden folder(tip).wmv

8.12If Cannot find the execution file error message appears when driving MiPlatform


When driving MiPlatform, a window like below appears and ends.


1. After selecting Run in Start menu, input regediton command window and confirm.
2. It should be configured: HKEY_USER\[Content is different by PC]\Sotfware\AppDataLow\SoftWare\Tobesoft\MiPlatform320\ExecPathvalue
“C:\Documents and Settings\[PC UserName]\Local Settings\

8.13When driving MiPlatforma message, Fail to Write session key file Check disk space, appears


A message like below is seen.
When driving MiPlatform, a message, Fail to Write session key file Check disk space, appears

8.13.2Cause 1

It is a message appearing because hard space is insufficient when recording session key.


Check if hard space of PC is sufficient.

8.13.4Cause 2

It occurs if file is not deleted in MiPlatform Cache directory.

8.13.5Troubleshooting 2

Delete MiPlatform Cache directory.
Example) C:\Documents and Settings\[User]\Local Settings\

8.13.6Troubleshooting 3

Release hidden folder
Windows xp: 
C:\Documents and Settings\[PC Account name]\Local Settings\Application Data or Compatible LocalLow folder mouse right button click > Attribute > Uncheck Hide (Include low order folder) > Confirm 
Windows Vista,Win7: 
C:\Users\[PC Account name]\AppData\Local or LocalLow folder mouse right button click > Attribute > Uncheck Hide (Include low order folder) > Confirm

[Video Data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.


http://www.miplatform.co.kr/faq/data/Movie/MiPLATFORM/Eng/hidden-folder.wmv Hidden folder(tip).wmv

8.14If MiPlatform is installed in specific user PC, MFC error occurs


If two processes are started for rundll32.dll when running the program, the program related to mfc does not operate.


If two processes are started for rundll32.dll when runningthe program, the program related to mfc did not operate.
By running it after ending the rundll32 file in the process of task manager,the program error did not occur.

The program running the rundll32 file was investigated to find that the rundll32 file was started in VGA setup program of the relevant PC. After confirming it, the program should be removed.

[Video Data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.


8.15Red cross image in web browser


Red cross image is displayed in web browser and the menu is not seen.

그림 8-1620130303_171835468_xbox


In additional function control in IE Option, ‘Not Use’ MiPlatform is checked or MiPlatform Engine Control is not registered in registry, or Miplatform Engine file is damaged.


Take action as follows if icons occurred at right bottom end in IE window.
IE > Tool > Additional function control > Use or Not use Additional function control > 
CyMiInstaller320(321) & MiPlatformX 3.2U Control “Use” check

8.15.4Troubleshooting 2

Install Miplatform_FixUACProblem 
Control Panel – Add/Remove Programs After moving Menu, delete MiPlatform Engine version FixUac 
Example) Delete MiPlatform_FixUACProblem320U and install MiPlatform_FixUACProblem320U.msi 
Download and install FixUac file fit for MiPlatform engine version relevant to the following

8.15.5Troubleshooting 3

Register MiPlatform engine OCX file in registry.
Example) Register MiPlatformMX320U.ocx and MiPlatformX320U.ocx files in registry
- Windows XP : C:\Documents and Settings\[PC AccountName]\Local Settings\Application Data\TOBESOFT\MiPlatform320U\MiPlatformMX320U.ocx & MiPlatformX320U.ocx
- Windows Vista,7,8 : C:\Users\[PC AccountName]\AppData\Local\Tobesoft\MiPlatform320U\
MiPlatformMX320U.ocx & MiPlatformX320U.ocx 

Start > Run > After inputting regsvr32, leave a space and drag the above file and select OK > “Successful” 
Exaple: regsvr32 C:\Documents and Settings\[PC AccountName]\Local Settings\Application Data\TOBESOFT\MiPlatform320U\MiPlatformMX320U.ocx

*  Troubleshooting if “Fail” message pops up instead of “Successful“  
Confirm whether regsvr32.exe file in C:\Windows\system32 folder is run normally; if file is damaged, copy normal regsvr32.exe file in the same OS, and confirm.

[Video Data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.


8.16Error 1316 Error


그림 8-17err_1316

While installing MSI, Error 1316 window error appearsand won’t be installed.
This error occurs if it cannot be installed automatically by the previousversion. 
This error occurs mainly because the product ID or msi name of the msi that is currently installed and the msi to be installed anew are different. 
<Below is the content in the case that Error 1316 occurred when installingOffice>
When running the OfficeWriter installer to upgrade from a previous version of 
OfficeWriter, ExcelWriter, or WordWriter the following error may 
occur: "Error 1316 - A network error occurred when attempting to read fromthe file 
C:\WINNT\Downloaded Installations\{EBF98E9A-3A6C-4B10-AB6B-3D9A746A5C35}\
SoftArtisans OfficeWriter 2.0.4.msi"


After removing the previous version of MSI from the Control Panel, it should be installed again. 
<Below is the content of troubleshooting in the case that Error 1316 occurred when installing Office>
At this time, it is not possible to upgrade OfficeWriter, ExcelWriter, 
and WordWriter by running the automatic installer over a previous version. 
The previous version must be uninstalled first. 
We recommend the following procedure: 
- Uninstall the old version through Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs
- Install the new version by running the installer.

8.17Install Page bottom end script error


It occurs because Miplatform is not installed normally due to VBScript error and Error 1722.

8.17.2Troubleshooting 1

Register vbscript.dll file in registry
Start > Run > regsvr32 Leave a space and drag the above file and confirm
Example) regsvr32 C:\Windows\system32\vbscript.dll

8.17.3Troubleshooting 2

Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 redistributable package (vcredist_x86.exe) file (Refer to No. 23)

[Video Data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.


8.18'The function to be used is in network resource that is currently not connected’ error when deleting MiPlatform


When deleting MiPlatform in the Control Panel > Remove Programs item, 'The function to be used is in network resource that is currently not connected’ error 

그림 8-1820130303_173933375_networksorce


It occurs because registry information and file are damaged due to change of PC account after installing the program or the relevant program version information is recognized differently in the Add/Remove Programs item due to unknown problem.


By using program deleting utility such as Windows Installer Clean Up utility or RevoUninstller, delete by force the file in which error occurred.
Windows Installer Clean Up download link
For details, confirm through Microsoft homepage

[Video Data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.


8.19Error 1406 error


A message like below pops up if Error 1406 occurred.
Error 1406: Could not write to KeyHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes\CLSID\{}\In ProcServer32... 
Error - 1406: Could not write InstanceIndex to key... 

Such trouble occurs because the authority setting of the computer in use is lowor due to abnormality of Install program.


A. Acquiring administrator authority

Confirm whether you have administrator authority when using Windows NT, 2000 orXP. 
Installing the program needs administrator authority to generate registry key. 
If you don’t have administrator authority, Error 1406 occurs when installingthe program.
For how to acquire administrator authority, refer to the document below.
Acquire Administrative Privilegeson Your Computer.

B. Installing the latest version of Windows Installer Service 

Confirm whether Windows Installer Ver. 2.0 or above is installed in computer.
If the version is low, Error 1406 could occur. 
Refer to the document below for how to upgrade and troubleshoot.
How Do I Install the WindowsInstaller Engine on My Computer? 

[Video Data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.


8.20Program blocking the running of MiPlatform



If Macafee security program is running, it blocks the running of MiPlatform..


After ending the MacAfee program that is running, run MiPlatform

8.20.2Kpang, Wiznavi Toolbar


A program having a shape of Internet Browser guide, it prevents MiPlatform from being used.
(kpangtoobar.dll, kpangHelper.dll, wiznavitoolbar.dll)


Delete kapng, wiznavi(wiznavishop) program in Add/RemovePrograms.

8.20.3Google, Daum, Naver, Al, point, cash, shopguide, webguide, Netpia,norton(symantec), V3 toolbar

Phenomenon 1

It prevents the program from being installed.

Troubleshooting 1

In Internet-[Tool]-[Additional Function Control], set AhnToolbar.dll at Not Use in file.

Phenomenon 2

Phenomenon appearing in empty page after installing MiPlatform normally (Red cross image in web browser)

Troubleshooting 2

1. IE -> Tool -> Additional Function Control (A) -> Check ‘Use’ MiPlatform.
2. IE -> Tool -> Internet Option(O) -> General TAB -> Setup(S) -> Check 'Every time you open page(E)' 
Security TAB -> Click all 'Basic levels' 
(For Vista pc: Uncheck guard mode)
Link TAB -> LAN setup -> Uncheck all
3. OCX and UAC patch: MiPlatform related ocx manual registration (Refer to error code 12) and Fix_UAC(VISTA) patch
4. Confirm whether colliding process is being driven: rstps.exe, INISignOn.exe, Norton, etc. (Refer to error code and notice)

8.21Download failed – Confirm ErrorCode:111, ErrorCode:113 setup authority


“MiPlatformInstallBase.cab, MiPlatformInstallBase.msi,MiPlatformInstallEngine.msi, MiPlatformFixUACProblem.msi Download failed -- ErrorCode:113update setup failed.(cab) “Confirm setup authority” Call message

그림 8-1920130303_175334804_111


Error occurred because the file in which error occurred is not normallyn downloaded, or due to PC authority problem that cannot be known when installing file.


1. Move to the temporary folder in which error occurredas shown in the drawing

그림 8-2020130303_175449960_111_2

2. If the file in which error occurred is MiPlatformInstallBase.cab file, decompress and run and install MiPlatformInstallBase.exe file
If the file in which error occurred is MiPlatformInstallBase.msi, MiPlatformInstallEngine.msi, MiPlatformFixUACPloblem.msi file, run the file in which error occurred and install it manually.
3. Delete all files in the TOBESOFT folder and reconnect
Windows XP - C:\Documents and Settings\[PC AccountName]\Local Settings\Compatible LocalLow\TOBESOFT
Windows Vista, 7, 8 - C:\Users\[PC AccountName]\AppData\LocalLow\TOBESOFT

[Video Data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.


8.22Error 2809, 1722 error


It occurs because Miplatform Engine file won’t run due to a file problem related to MFC

8.22.2Troubleshooting 1

1. Download Miplatform deleting batch file and decompress it.
2. Decompress and close all internet windows and folders, and run Uninstall_MiplatformEngine_all.bat file
(In WINDOWS VISTA,7 OS, run by administrator authority)

그림 8-2120110823_161512745_1

3. Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 redistributable package (vcredist_x86.exe) file.
Tips: If an error like Command line option systax error... when installing vcredist_x86.exe 
1. Copy downloaded vcredist_x86.exe file on c:\ 
2. Run command prompt (cmd) and input cd c:\, and enter (In WINDOWS VISTA, 7 OS, run by command prompt administrator authority)
3. Input vcredist_x86 /q /t:c: and enter

8.22.3Troubleshooting 2

This is for the case that there is still the problem even after taking action of troubleshooting 1.
Delete the folders selected in C:\WINDOWS\WinSxS\image below

그림 8-22winsxs

Delete the folders selected in C:\WINDOWS\WinSxS\Policies\ image below

그림 8-23policies

If there exists C:\Windows\System32\MiPlatformBase.ocx file, delete it.
C:\Documents and Settings\LogInID\Local Settings\Compatible LocalLow\TOBESOFT\MiPlatform320U\Setup
If there are files in directory, delete all.
C:\Documents and Settings\LogInID\Local Settings\Compatible LocalLow\TOBESOFT\MiPlatform320U\Ver
If there are files in directory, delete all.
In Add/Remove Programs of Control Panel, delete InstallBase.msi.
Download and install the file linked below.
You can have file downloaded by clicking
If you finished tasks up to here, you can connect to the relevant site and use it from the beginning.

[Video Data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.


http://www.miplatform.co.kr/faq/data/Movie/MiPLATFORM/Eng/hidden-folder.wmv Hidden folder(tip).wmv

8.23The problem that IE browser ends while it is updated


The problem that the browser dies when updating Miplatform through IE browser

8.23.2Troubleshooting Phenomenon 1

End in Ask Toolbar Program 
1) In Internet-[Tool]-[Additional Function Control], select three files below.

Ask Search Assistta, Ask Toolbar, Ask ToolBar BHO

8.23.3Phenomenon 2

The problem that the browser dies while installing Miplatform through IE browser with ID embedded

8.23.4Troubleshooting Phenomenon 2

It occurs if setup search is checked on Auto in Internet-[Internet Option]-[Link]-[Lan setup]. Uncheck the box.
If the box is checked, while downloading wpad.dat file (trying to approach specific URL file), it dies.

8.24The problem that Miplatform dies while running it(Cannot run the program rstp.exe)


When running the dedicated browser, Start image does not appear and program ends.


Confirm whether there is C:\ProgramFiles\RightS@fer Multimedia directory, and delete it.

Fails to connect to document security DRM solution or the present relevantsite.

8.25Error 124: Error occurson Install Page


Download does not proceed and Error 124 appears.


It occurs if Miplatform key value is not set in Miplatform Updater Cab setup portion, so confirm the key value.
< object id=\"MiInstaller\" classid=\"clsid:1A000B1F-B285-4fbf-B3CD-B50845003EBA\" codebase=\"./miplatform320U/MiUpdaterVista.cab#2007,2,6,1\" width=0 height=0 SHOWASTEXT>
< PARAM NAME=\"DeviceType\" VALUE=\""+Device+"\" >
< PARAM NAME=\"Version\" VALUE=\""+Version+"\" >
< PARAM NAME=\"key\" VALUE=\""+Key+"\" > <-- here
< /object>

8.26Miplatform won’t run in the version after September 2008

8.26.1Phenomenon 1

The program developed as Miplatform won’t run

8.26.2TroubleshootingPhenomenon 1

If the program does not operate after patching the version after September 2008, protocols of StartXML should be confirmed.

To solve this, the protocol settings of StartXML should be changed.  

Modified file is as follows.
1. Modified file: StartXml.
2. Modified portion: .
protocol id="file" name="cyHttpAdp310"version="1000" .
protocol CompressMethod="ZLIB" id="http" name="cyHttpAdp310"Version="1000" XmlFormat="true" .
protocol id="https" name="cyHttpAdp310"version="1000" .

3. Modified details .
Open file number 1 and you will find the content of number 2. Here .
You should remove 310 in Name=”cyHttpAdp310”.
That is, you should set as Name=” cyHttpAdp”.
Below is what is modified in number 2.
protocol id="file" name="cyHttpAdp"version="1000" .
protocol CompressMethod="ZLIB" id="http"name="cyHttpAdp" Version="1000" XmlFormat="true" 
protocol id="https" name="cyHttpAdp"version="1000"

Protocols could be different more or less by site, so refer to only cyHttpAdp310->cyHttpAdp.

8.26.3Phenomenon 2

Failed to run file.  Cannot find the designated file.
Screen like below appears.
“Failed to install update. Failed to run update file.
Cannot fine the designated file.

그림 8-24update_icon

8.26.4Troubleshooting Phenomenon 2

The above are the cases in which there is a problem in the settings when installing updater file.
Confirm the following.
1) Confirm CLSID of updater Cab file according to the type of updater 
320 : 1A000B1F-B285-4fbf-B3CD-B50845003EBA 
321 : 1A000B1F-B285-4fbf-B3CD-B50845003EBB 
2) CreateMiInstlr("MiInstaller","Win32U","3.2","TobeNext_U"); <-- when writing in the version information, it should be 3.2.  All the same with 320, 321 updater.

8.27Error message while using IE browser (Another program is in use during server work … task switchover)


(During server work) message another program is inuse … task switchover..


It is window bug in which Explorer collides with other program; it is a bug that can occur frequently even if other program is used. 

Explorer → Tool → Internet Option → High level →
Can be solved by unchecking page switch over use item
If the same message occurs even after unchecking, close all Explorer windows and
rerun the program (after changed Internet option is reflected normally

8.28Fail to download MiPlatformMX320U.ocx -ErrorCode:114


On installation page, confirm if Fail to download “MiPlatformMX320U.ocx-ErrorCode:114 installation authority” message is displayed


If DLL and OCX files of MiPlatform Engine files are distributed by the piece, application program error occurs in MiPlatform320U.exe file due to MFC80U.dll-relatedfile, so trouble occurs because MiPlatformMX320U.ocx file is not registered in registry.


1. Download Miplatform deletion batch file fit for the Miplatform version in use and decompress it. 
2. Decompress and close all internet windows and folders, and run Uninstall_MiplatformEngine3xxx.bat file
(In WINDOWS VISTA,7 OS, run by manager authority)

그림 8-2520110823_161512745_1

3. Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 redistributable package (vcredist_x86.exe) file
[If an error like Command line option system error... occurs when installing Vcredist_x86.exe file]

그림 8-26command

1. Copy Vcredist_x86.exe file under local drive(C:\)
Copy vcredist_x86.exe file at C:\ position.

그림 8-27vcredit

2. Start -> Auxiliary Program -> Run Command prompt 
(For versions at or above vista,  click mouse right and run by manager authority)
3. On command prompt window, input cd \ and enter, after inputting vcredist_x86.exe /q /t:c: command language, enter

그림 8-28cmd

[Video Data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.


8.29Error 1301


When installing MiPlatform automatically or manually 
" Error 1301.Cannot create the file .  A directory with this name already exists.  Cancel the installation and try installing to a different location."

그림 8-291301


It is a phenomenon in which Miplatform-related folder is generated in the location that breaks away from the root installed normally. Delete Miupdater320.exe folder in C:\WINDOWS orC:\WINDOWS\system32

그림 8-301301_2

Video Data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.


8.30MFC Application Notification Error

8.30.1Phenomenon 1 - hook.dll

그림 8-3120090113173354_hook

8.30.2Troubleshooting Phenomenon 1

It is a hook.dll file error of the relevant pc.  Search the relevant file and change and delete the file name.
It is an automatically regeneratable file, so it may be deleted. 
Generally the file is located in C:\WINDOWS\system / C:\WINDOWS\system32.

8.30.3Phenomenon 2 - MFC80U.dll

Application Notification Error

그림 8-3220090115103500_20090114091758

8.30.4Troubleshooting Phenomenon 2

It is MFC80U.DLL file error of the relevant pc.  Search the relevant file and change and delete the file name.
Generally the file is located in C:\WINDOWS\WinSxS\x86_Microsoft.VC80.MFC_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_8.0.50727.762_x-ww_3bf8fa05 /
(Folder name is slightly different by PC.)

8.30.5Phenomenon 3 - yjhookutils.dll

Log file path : C:\Documents and Settings\UserAccount\LocalSettings\CompatibleLocalLow\TobeSoft\Miplatform320\ExceptionLog_MiplaformExport.log
Unhandled Exception Detected :
MiPlatform320.exe caused an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION in module yjhookutils.dllat 001B:08B65147
001B:08B65147 (0xDE01217D 0x0012FA34 0x00000010 0x0012F978) yjhookutils.dll
001B:78228A17 (0x78278C68 0x7821FBE9 0x78278C68 0x78279F23) MFC80.DLL
001B:7822796A (0xFD1448E8 0x59C085FF 0x00C70B74 0x781D9374) MFC80.DLL
EAX=0012F8FC EBX=0000000F ECX=00000000 EDX=06D13000 ESI=0000000C
EDI=0012F8E4 EBP=1DF6C4B8 ESP=1DF6C4C0 EIP=00000000 FLG=00010206
CS=001B DS=0023 SS=0023 ES=0023 FS=003B GS=0000

8.30.6Troubleshooting Phenomenon 3

1. Delete C:\Program Files\Yahoo\yjhookutils.dll 
2. Change file name C:\WINDOWS\WinSxS\x86_Microsoft.VC80.MFC_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_8.0.50727.762_x-ww_3bf8fa05\mfc80.dll  
Delete C:\WINDOWS\WinSxS\Policies\x86_policy.9.0.Microsoft.VC90.MFC_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_x-ww_4ee8bb30 folder
3. After manually installing MiPlatform_InstallBase320.msi, it will operate normally and guide remotely

[Video Data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.


8.31Review whether there is regsvr32.exe file/version


Confirm fail message due to failure of installing and registering MiPlatformMX


MiPlatform.ocx is not registered in registry in customer PC.
Problem occurs if there is no file of regsvr32.exe or version is 4.0.
For XP, use the one above 5.1.2600.2180.

그림 8-3320090331142225_clip_image002


Paste regsvr32.exe from normal PC and run it

8.32If MiPlatformX320.ocx is not registered in registry in PC when using it


Miplatform installation error


1) Miplatform320U.ocx registry registration error
2) Update installation failure error]
3) Other program is in use during server work … task change over message box.
4) Cannot access Windows Installer Service.
5) Error 1500 error
6) Error 1327 error
7) Error 1606 error


1) Miplatform320.ocx registry registration error]
- Cause
There was no problem when pause was processed in msi_installU.bat file, but because of inconvenience that user has to press key due to the pause process, the pause process was deleted.  
The error is that 
Miplatform_InstallBase320.msi and Miplatform_InstallEngine320U.ocx cannot be registered in registry.
Download reg_ocx.bat file when connecting online and run it
Role of reg_ocx.bat: After all installations are finished, it registers Miplatform320U.ocx file in registry
* Revised/added files
I. update_component_files.xml : download reg_ocx.bat file
II. Add reg_ocx.bat file to engine_files 
2) Update installation failure error
- Cause
Engine was not installed normally due to cause Number 1
- Troubleshooting
Run reinstallation distribution file (MiPlatform_SetupDeploy320U.All.exe).
Uninstall the existing installation file and work so as to reinstall it.
If Windows reboots during installation, run one more time the installation Miplatform_SetupDeploy320U.All.exe
* Revised / added file
Run reinstallation distribution file (Miplatform_SetupDeploy320U.All.exe)
The reinstallation distribution file is located in knowledge bulletin board provided recently by headquarters located in the center if the initial screen at知CAMP.
Search by ‘BPR’ and click the phrase ‘Click here’ in the content of troubleshooting BPR program installation error, save the file and run it.
(There is possibility of error occurrence if you click Open and install it right away.)
Proceed with installing after ending the other program that has been running before running the reinstallation distribution file.
Installation is completed if the installation proceeding window is closed without error message.
3) During server work, another program is being used … task switchover message box 
- Cause
It is a window bug in which Explorer and the other program collide.  Even if the other program is used, it is a bug that can occur frequently. 
- Troubleshooting
Explorer > Tool > Internet Option > High Level > Uncheck page switchover use.
If the same message still occurs after unchecking, close all Explorers that are currently open, and rerun BPR (after the changed internet option is reflected normally)
4) Problem occurring because Windows Installer is damaged
- Cause
Trouble occurs because Windows Installer is damaged
- Troubleshooting
Reinstall Windows Installer and
Control Panel --> Delete Windows Installer in Add/Delete Programs --> Rebooting --> Reinstall Windows Installer 
--> Rebooting --> Double-click reg_ocx.bat --> Run reinstallation distribution file (Miplatform_SetupDeploy320U.All.exe)
If Windows reboots during installation, run one more time Miplatform_SetupDeploy320U.All.exe installation file
5) Error 1500 error
- Cause
Trouble occurs when rerunning because Windows Installer does not end normally if failed while being installed. 
- Troubleshooting
Windows rebooting, reinstall distribution file after CAMP ends
6) Error 1327 error(Error 1327.Invalid Drive:E:\)
- Cause
It occurs if Windows registry information (drive information that is not there) is set incorrectly.
If any program set the relevant registry information on incorrect path, 
Error occurs in Windows Installer.
- Troubleshooting
In the content of location
There is an item that is set in E/\ in data item. Double-click the relevant name to revise the content of value data (V), or 
Delete the relevant name
7) Error 1606 error (Error 1606.Could not access network location...)
- Cause
It occurs if Windows registry information (network drive) is set incorrectly
If any program set incorrect path in the relevant registry, 
Error occurs in Windows Installer.
- Troubleshooting
In the content of location
There is an item that is set at a value starting with \\ in data item, double-click the relevant name, and revise the content of value data (V), or delete the relevant name.

[Video Data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.


http://www.miplatform.co.kr/faq/data/Movie/MiPLATFORM/Eng/hidden-folder.wmv Hidden folder(tip).wmv

8.33Error 1500 error


그림 8-3420120112_100902185_Error1500


Trouble occurs because Windows Installer won’t end normally while installing MSI extension file


1. Restart PC 
2. Move to Control Panel – Add/Remove Programs item
3. If there is MiPlatform list where error occurred, delete it and reconnect to site
4. If MiPlatform list is not seen, reconnect to site

[Video Data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.


8.34Error 1606 error(Error1606.Could not access network location...)


It occurs if Windows registry information (network drive) is set incorrectly
If any program set incorrect path in the relevant registry, 
Error occurs in Windows Installer.


In the content of location HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\UserShellFolders 
There is an item that is set at value starting with \\ in data item. Double-click the relevant name to revise the content of value data (V), or delete the relevant name.

[Video Data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.


8.35Won’t proceed on Korea Exchange Bank business online “Wait a moment” screen


During installation, on the “Wait a moment” screen, it won’t proceed.

그림 8-3520090331165855_1

8.35.2Troubleshooting 1

In i Alimi program provided by KT Megapass, it has been cutting off cache so that it could not come down. 
It operates normally after deleting, and informed the use of the above matter.
※ In the PC installed, there is a green icon in the tray icon shown in the picture

8.35.3Troubleshooting 2

After deleting clean eye program, receives cache normally.
Clean Eye: It is a (paid) program cutting off the source of harmful sites through internet network
It provides to Megapass subscribers

8.36Solution scheme for the error message “Cannot display web page” when calling the installation page in IE8


Error message “Cannot display web page” when calling the installation page in IE8


For IE8 users, when connecting to the installation page link, despite that the address is inputted accurately in the browser address window, an error “Cannot display web page” is shown and it won’t be driven.
(It seems that it occurs more frequently in Windows XP than Windows 7).
It won’t be installed and driven until F5 is pressed to renew.
Those who used to press F5 habitually may have passed it unnoticed. 
This is judged to a bug of IE8, and the solution scheme is on http://support.microsoft.com/kb/970168/ko.
There are three ways in the solution scheme
Troubleshooting 1: Install recently accumulated security update for Internet Explorer
Troubleshooting 2: Restore internet option
Troubleshooting 3: Add related registry item
In case it still won’t even after 1 and 2 were carried out, it will display normally by adding number 3 registry item.

[Video Data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.


8.37ErrorCode 109 (Failed to generate directory)


Failed to generate directory
[Message of web page]
Error => C:\Users\???\AppData\LocalLow\TOBESOFT\MiPlatform320U\Ver\ = 109 = Failed to generate directory.

그림 8-3620110926_115744326_error_109


It is a phenomenon occurring because fonts broke since Hangul is not recognized normally in countries and languages in the operating system (OS); the character string values of TOBESOFT key value items are marked in question marks.

그림 8-3720110926_125622766_error_109_02


Change “Region and Language” into English (U.S.), and change again into Korean language (Republic of Korea).

[How to change country and language]
1.  Control Panel – Move to Country and Language(Region and Language) menu, and change form and location manager option item language 
2. Form item language Korean language (Republic of Korea) -> Change to English (U.S.)
3. Manager option – after selecting Setting copy, select Apply
4. After selecting Apply, check all of present setting copy of Start screen and new user account setting items and press OK
5. In the above method, change English (U. S.) to Korean language (Republic of Korea) in country and language
6. Delete TOBESOFT key value of TOBESOFT registry
7. Reconnect to site
[How to delete TOBESOFT key value of registry]
1. Deleting registry value automatically 
After downloading and decompressing Delete_toesoft_Registry_key.zip file,
Run Delete_toesoft_Registry_key .bat file
For OS of or above Windows Vista, click mouse right button and run by manager authority. 
2.. Deleting registry value manually
A. On Start – Programs and Files window, input command language regedit [Fig. 1]
B. Move to item below and delete TOBESFOT key value [Fig. 2]

[Video Data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.


8.38Error 1310


그림 8-3820111027_142618018_error1310


It occurs because of using protection mode of IE internet option or problem of IE authority

그림 8-3920111027_142758908_IEoption


End all Internet Explorer, run by IE manager authority, and reconnect to site
Click mouse right button on Internet Explorer short-cut icon and select menu of run by manager authority.

그림 8-4020111027_143028064_IE_as_administarator

[Video Data] for troubleshooting can be confirmed by clicking the link below.


8.39MiPlatform deletion batch files

[Deletion programs by MiPlatform version]






[MiPlatform Updater deletion programs]

MiPlatform Updater deletion batch files
Confirm whether MSI error occurred when installing update
MiPlatform Updater320
MiPlatform Updater321
MiPlatform Updater322
MiPlatform Updater331
MiPlatform Updater332
Remote Client Installation 5.0

8.40Activating Administrator Account in Windows 7

In Windows 7, Administrator account is basically in condition of not use for the purpose of reinforcing security. 
It is the method of activating Windows 7 Administrator account.

8.41Phenomenon in which Internet Explorer is run only by 64 bit in Internet Explorer 10


1. Structure of internet explorer 8 and later version
IE 8 and later version use multitask that manage frame and tab separately so frame and
window are executed as Independent process so this prevent to close when just one tab has problem like previous version.
Whenever the Tab is opened additionally, the iexplore.exe process is created.

The number of additionally created iexplore.exe process is not limitless.
The number of iexplore.exe process can be controlled in registry HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main - TabProcGrowth

When TabProcGrowth = 0, Frame and tab regions operate in the same process.
When TabProcGrowth = 1 and higher, Frame and Tab regions will be executed separately in the process upon the added numbers.

* When Tab process property is 32 bit, application made by 32 bit can be executed.
Reference Site

2. The cause that Internet Explorer 10 64bit is executed
Internet Explorer8 and 9 version can be executed optionally the 64bit or 32 bit Internet Explorer on the 64 bit OS.
When IE is executed as 32 bit mode, Frame and tab can be executed as 32 bit so there is not problem when 32 bit application running.
But when Internet explorer 10 on 64bit os, frame process is executed as 64 bit fixedly.
When 32bit is executed, only 64bit process is executed.
When the TabProcGrowth value is 0, the process of Frame and Tab is executed in the same process so IE is executed as 64 bit.

8.41.2Troubleshooting 1

After running the bat file which will change the registry value of troubleshooting number 2 below, open 32bit IE again.

8.41.3Troubleshooting 2

Delete TabProcGrowth value from registry value
Delete TabProcGrowth item of the path below Start > Run > regedit
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

그림 8-41tabprocgrowth

* If IE won’t run when TabProcGrowth setting value is deleted, confirm
It exists because there is no specific value in registry; add registry value.
Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MAIN
Name : x86AppPath
Type : REG_SZ
data : C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\EXPLORE.EXE 
Reference data : http://www.sysnet.pe.kr/Default.aspx?mode=2&sub=0&detail=1&wid=1372

8.42[TIP – installation path]

1. 320 version (Ansi, Unicode)
 1-1.          Vista , Windows7, Windows8
 1-1-1. [Start]->[Control Panel]->(Setting)->[Add/Remove Programs] 
               Delete all programs starting with Miplatform 
 1-1-2. Deleting Computer\(UserAccount Folder)\AppData\Local\TOBESOFT folder
l  TIP
-    If 'AppData' folder is not seen 
 i) Computer->Configuration->Folder and Search Option
 ii) In Folder Option->View->File and Folder Option->Hide File and Folder,  
    check 'Display hidden file and folder' 
 1-1-3. Deleting Computer\(User Account Folder)\AppData\LocalLow\TOBESOFT folder
 1-1-4. Deleting Computer\(User Account Folder)\AppData\LocalLowTobeSoft folder
 1-1-5. Deleting\Windows\System32\CyInstlr.exe folder
 1-1-6. Deleting Computer\Windows\System32\
          MiInstlr320.dll(MiInstlr321.dll), MiUpdater320.exe(MiUpdater321.exe) Files
 1-1-7. Start->Run-> Input regedit and press OK
          Delete Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AppDataLow\Software\TOBESOFT 

 1-2.          XP
 1-2-1. [Start]->[Control Panel]->(Setting)->[Add/Remove Programs]
 1-2-2. Deleting MyComputer\C:\Documents and Settings\(UserAccount)
         \Local Settings\Application Data\TOBESOFT folder
l   TIP
-    If 'Local Settings' folder is not seen 
 i) Computer->Configuration->Folder and Search Option
 ii) In Folder Option->View->File and Folder Option->Hide File and Folder
    check 'Display hidden file and folder' 
 1-2-3. Deleting MyComputer\C:\Documents and Settings\(UserAccount)\
                 Local Settings\Compatible LocalLow\TOBESOFT folder
 1-2-4. Deleting MyComputer\C:\WINDOWS\system32\ CyInstlr file
 1-2-5. Deleting MyComputer\C:\WINDOWS\system32\MiInstlr320.dll   
          (MiInstlr321.dll), MiUpdater320.exe(MiUpdater321.exe) file
 1-2-6. Start->Run-> Input regedit and press OK
          Delete Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AppDataLow\Software\TOBESOFT

8.43Error 1719


The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This
can occur if you are running Windows in safe mode, or if the Windows Installer
is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance.


It occurs when the related MSI file is deleted or Windows Installer malfunction.


Registering the MSI file manually
1. Start -> Auxiliary Program -> Run Command prompt (Run as Administrator above Windows XP OS)
2.  Input REGSVR32 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\MSI and then press Enter Key

그림 8-42regsvr32

3. If the success message pop up, click the OK and then access the installation page ,and then check if the program can be installed normally.

8.44"key not valid for use in specified state" and "Error 1359. An internal error occurred".


Case 1. "key not valid for use in specified state" error, while installing MSI and EXE files.

그림 8-43Keynot

Case 2. "Error 1359.An internal error occurred." error, while installing MSI and EXE files.

그림 8-44error1359 (1)_1


While installing MSI(EXE), generate Encryption Key in this path "C:\Users\User account\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Crypto" then continue to install.

This problem is caused because the access authority is eliminated by unknown reason (Windows Error or access from another program).


This problem is solved after renaming the RSA folder in 'C:\Users\User account\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Crypto'.(for example: RSA__ )

8.45The profile for the user is a temporary profile.

"The profile for the user is a temporary profile" error , while installing a MSI package.

그림 8-45The-profile-for-the-user-is-a-temporary-profile



Please install the Windows update package for the operating system specification referring to above URL. Then, installation will work well after rebooting.

8.46Setting Internet Explorer as default browser in Windows 10

Edge browser in Windows 10 provided by Microsoft does not support ActiveX.
Therefore please do installation using Internet Explorer as below.
There are three ways to set Internet Explorer as default browser.

8.46.1The First Way

그림 8-46SE_R4

1. Input "Settings" in Search the web and Windows on left bottom (Window button + S)
2. Click the "Settings" on result list

그림 8-47des

3. Click "System"

그림 8-48app

4. Click "Default apps" on left list 
5. Click "Microsoft Edge"  of Web brower 
6. Click "Internet Explorer" on Choose an app

그림 8-49setting_F

7. Input "ie" in Search the web and Windows  
8. Click mouse right button on Internet Explorer in result list and click "Pin to Start"
9. "Internet Explorer" icon appears in Window taskbar

8.46.2The second way

그림 8-50COntrol_F_R1

1. Click mouse right button on Windows start button and click "Control Panel"  
2. Click "Programs" in Adjust your computer's settings 
3. Click "Default Programs" in Programs

그림 8-51Contron_R2

4. Click "Internet Explorer" on Programs list 
5. Click "Set this program as default" 
6. Click "OK"

그림 8-52setting_F

7. Input "ie" in Search the web and Windows  
8. Click mouse right on Internet Explorer in result list and click "Pin to Start"
9. "Internet Explorer" icon appears in Window taskbar

8.46.3The third way

그림 8-53Win_R

1. After Windows 8 Installation, Click "Let me choose my default apps" on New apps for the Windows.

그림 8-54app_R1

2. Uncheck "Microsoft Edge" on Choose your default apps 
3. Click "Next" button

그림 8-55setting_F

4. Input "ie" in Search the web and Windows  
5. Click mouse right on Internet Explorer in result list and click "Pin to Start"
6. "Internet Explorer" icon appears in Window taskbar

8.47An error reading from file ExtCommonApiU.dll while installing MiPlatform


The ExtCommonApiU.dll file is deleted by Immunet Protect program


Reinstall Miplatform after deleting Immunet Protect at Programs and Features

8.48Error 2502 Error 2503


Error Codes 2502/ 2503 occured while installing Miplatform


This error is occured because user account does not have permission to access the C:\windows\temp folder


1. Click mouse right button on C:\windows\temp and select 'Properties'
2. Security -> Click 'Advanced'
3. Permission -> Click 'Change Permission'
4. Click 'Disable inheritance' -> Click 'Convert inherited permission into...'
5.  Delete "TrustedInstaller' in Permission entries list
6. Select User(Windows accout name) -> click 'Edit' -> Click 'Show advanced permissions'
7. Click 'Clear all' -> Check 'traverse folder/ execute file',  'create files/write data', 'create folders/ append data' checkboxes.
8.  OK 
Reference site : http://cafe.naver.com/malzero/102281

8.49Error 1303, Error 1317


Error 1303/ 1317 occured while installing MiPlatform


This error is occured because user account does not have permission to access Appdata folder


1. Go to C:\Users\user account name and click mouse  right button on AppData folder -> Properties
(Go to Tools>Folder Options>View
tab>Show hidden files and folders if The folder "AppData" is
hidden or not shown.)




2. Go to 'Security tab' -> Click 'Edit'



2. Click 'Add'




3. Input 'everyone' in blank box and click 'OK' button




4. Full control must be checked and click 'OK' button after varification of everyone account is added



5. Click 'Continue' when 'Error applying security' pop-up window appears while applying permission.



6. Please reinstall MiPlatform after completion of applying the user permission of AppData folder.

8.50An ActiveX control on this page might be unsafe to interact with other parts of the page.


The pop-up alert window appears as below when the program is distributed.

그림 8-56popup


1. IE -> Internet Options -> Security -> Custom Level

그림 8-57security-tab

2. Initialize and ActiveX controls not marked as safe..  -> Check the 'Prompt'
   Script ActiveX controls marked sate for Scripting.  ->  Check the 'Prompt'

그림 8-58script

●  Reference link 
- Reponse from the Microsft community 
- Web site

* This pop-up alert could occur in some
cases, if the error continues, please downgrade the Internet Explorer to the previous

8.51Resolution is changed to 680*480 when the program is run by shortcut.


Resolution is changed to 680*480 when the program is run by shortcut.

그림 8-591


This error occurs when the 'Run in 640x480 screen resolution' is checked in compatibility tab in properties of the shortcut.

그림 8-60vista-compatibility-mode


Uncheck the 'Run in 640x480 screen resolution'

그림 8-61shortcut_compatibility-mod_uncheck

8.52Error 102


[ErrorCode:102 ErrorCode:102 Failure bring update information because of network or server error.]


This error is occurred because files cannot be downloaded as normal file size from server due to network or server problem.


1. Reboot the computer completely.

2. In case the same problem is occurred after rebooting, remove the updated IE11.

Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Installed Updates -> Remove 'Internet Explorer 11'

그림 8-62IE다운그레이드

8.53How to delete web broswer cache

그림 8-63explore

8.53.1Internet Explorer8, Internet Explorer9

# 1. [Tools] on the upper right corner -> [Internet Option]
# 2. [General] Tab -> Browsing history ->Click [Delete] button
# 3. Check Temporary Internet files, Cookies and History checkbox -> Click [Delete]

그림 8-64IE-Internet-Option

그림 8-65browsersettings-ie-dialog1

그림 8-66deletecooki

8.53.2Internet Explorer10, Internet Explorer11

# 1. Tool (gear) on the upper right corner -> [Internet Option]
# 2. [General] Tab -> [Browsing history] -> Click [Delete] button
# 3. Check Temporary Internet files and website files, Cookies and website data, History -> Click [Delete]

그림 8-67ie-internet-options2

그림 8-68C:\fakepath\

그림 8-69deletecooki


# 1. "Customize and control" on the upper right corner -> Click "Settings"
# 2. Click "Show advanced settings.."
# 3. Click on [Clear browsing data..] button
# 4. Click on [Clear browsing data...] after checking 'Clear browsing history',
      'Clear download history', 'Empty the cache' and 'Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data'   checkboxes

그림 8-70chrome2

그림 8-71chrom3

그림 8-72chrom4

그림 8-73chrom6

8.53.4Mozilla Firefox

# 1.   (Open Menu) on the upper right corner -> Click "Options"  
# 2. Advanced -> Network Tab -> Click [Clear Now]  of 
"Offline Web Content and User Data"

그림 8-74Firefox3

그림 8-75FirefoxProxy_advan


# 1. Gear Icon on the upper right corner ->"Preferencs.."
# 2. "Privacy" tab -> Click "Remove All Website Data.."
# 3. "Are you sure you want to remove all data ..?" -> Click "Remove Now"

그림 8-76safari_prefer2

그림 8-77safari-privacy-prefs

그림 8-78safary-privacy-remove2

8.54Fail To Get Proxy Setting Info!


Fail To Get Proxy Setting Info!


When IE > Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN settings > Proxy server settings is controlled by security setting in pc or company security, this error message occurs.
To solve this, please check IE > Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN settings can be changed.

8.55The target file xxxxx.dll (ocx, exe, msi, cab) is being used by some programs.


The target file xxxxx.dll (ocx, exe, msi, cab) is being used by some programs.
To quit the programs and retry the update, quit the program and select 'Yes'
Select 'No' to reflect changes after reboot. If you select 'Cancel', the update will stop with failure.
(Caution! If you choose 'Yes' without closing these processes, you may lose unsaved data.)
Yes (Y) No (N) Cancel


Run IE as administrator clicking mouse right button and go to installation page again.